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Onur Eker

Mobile Engineer


After spending 10 years in digital marketing, I decided to pursue my dreams to become a software engineer. Recently, I have graduated from AppAcademy Software Engineering Track and I am currently exploring new opportunities in mobile app development.

I am a passionate mobile engineer who never tires of challenging themselves and learning new things. I always strive for innovation yielding the highest possible efficiency of the code base.


Bart Live Mobile

React Native, Redux, React Navigation, React Native Maps, Expo, Javascript

  • Utilized BART API to query the real time estimated departure time of each train for every station in the BART system.
  • Used React Native Map components to dynamically present active BART stations on Google Maps.
  • Made use of Expo documentation for functionalities like fetching user location, image caching, splash / loading screens.
  • Successfully submitted the app to Apple Store, passing review guidelines.

My Wallet

React Native, React Navigation, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Javascript

  • Authored front-end and back-end authentication measures with BCrypt on the back-end and React Navigation on the front-end to ensure user privacy and autonomy
  • Learned how to create routes in Express.js, manipulating data in MongoDB and connecting a backend to frontend


React Native, React Navigation, Firebase, Javascript, Expo

  • Created login, signup and profile screens with plain React Native components.
  • Implemented user authentication with a Firebase backend.
  • Connected multiple auth methods (Facebook, Google etc.) to a user account with the help of Firebase documentation.


Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React.js, Redux, Webpack, Heroku

  • Capstone project at AppAcademy. Designed and implemented database schema, application state, backend and frontend routes.
  • Implemented CRUD and REST using Rails Routing for the back end and ReactRouter for the front end.
  • Augmented standard RESTful routes with customized API to provide tailored data to a presentational slice of the Redux.js store from Postgres to feed the Redux cycle.
  • Bootstrapped the user’s session data from Rails to the window to persist information between sessions.

Work Experiences

React Native Intern

BitBroker Labs | 2020 - Current

Performance Marketing Manager

TaskRabbit | 2018 - 2019

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Tripping.com | 2017 - 2018

Affiliate Marketing Manager
TripAdvisor | 2015 - 2016

Online Marketing Specialist

Getty Images | 2013 - 2014

Content Marketing Specialist (Contract)

Microsoft Inc. | 2013 - 2013

Online Marketing Specialist

eBay Inc. | 2010 - 2012

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